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Performance Management: Red Alert

Keynote Red Alert Press Releases

June 10, 2002


Keynote Announces Accessibility Monitoring of Web Transactions with Red Alert 2.0

Immediately Alerts Operations Teams of Transaction Failures To Minimize Revenue Loss

Note to press: Call Keynote's media and analyst relations hotline at (650) 403-3254 to request further information on Keynote Systems, Inc. or an interview. To be added to Keynote's press release distribution list, send an email to and specify your press affiliation.

Global Internet Performance Conference (GIPC), San Francisco, Calif., June 10, 2002 – At the opening of its third annual Global Internet Performance Conference, Keynote Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN) today announced Red Alert™ 2.0, that now brings to the leading accessibility monitoring service support for complex, multi-step transactions and delivers to operations teams reliable and immediate end to end verification of critical Web sequences.

Businesses are increasingly driving revenue through e-business transactions. Red Alert 2.0 now provides operations centers responsible for the systems that run Web transactions visibility and control over the performance of the transaction system, as well as its individual components. Red Alert 2.0 immediately sends fault-tolerant alerts when critical Web-based transactions fail, giving network operations centers the ability to immediately address and correct accessibility problems before they impact the bottom line. With Red Alert's triple-verification fault tolerance, operations can concentrate on solving real problems rather than troubleshooting false alarms.

Red Alert 2.0, sold by Keynote's general business division, is an accessibility monitoring service that belongs to Keynote's application performance management (APM) family of services.

Red Alert 2.0 is part of Keynote's ‘Total Performance Management' strategy outlined today (see separate press release), comprised of complete end-to-end solutions delivered by Keynote and KeyPartners for benchmarking, testing and managing the end-to-end performance of e-business applications and systems.

"We rely on Red Alert to ensure Cipio's policy to provide our ASP customers with 99% service uptime. Red Alert notifies us of availability problems so that we can correct them before our customers even feel them," said Matt Parr, director of technology for Cipio, an application service provider for e-commerce Web sites. "Red Alert's new transaction monitoring capability adds a new level of significance for us. It will give us more specific insight into the functionality that is most pertinent to our customers' sites: the e-commerce sequences upon which their businesses are based. We can track and assure, for example, that orders are completed correctly, and discover exactly what causes failures if they occur so that we can fix them and maintain our 99% live policy."

"The multiple components involved in transactions increase the complexity of diagnosing problems," said Bob Garrity, senior director, Red Alert. "Keynote is bringing transaction monitoring capability to the leading accessibility monitoring service, and thereby ensuring the end-to-end availability of critical transaction systems. Keynote Red Alert 2.0 immediately alerts operations teams to accessibility issues that could impact the ability of their users to complete a critical business transaction, and that could also thereby reduce transaction revenue."

About Keynote Red Alert 2.0
Red Alert 2.0 brings support for transactions to the leading accessibility monitoring service, and ensures the end-to-end availability of transaction systems by giving network operations centers visibility they've not had before into the multiple systems used to support e-business transactions, including Web and application servers, and databases. Plus, Red Alert 2.0 can monitor individual Internet-connected components supporting the transaction, such as the Web server and other Internet-connected devices, thereby identifying specific failure points. In the event of a failure, Red Alert sends an alert via email, cell phone or pager to the customer-designated contact, with access to real-time error logs that indicate the problem and where it occurred, enabling immediate triage and minimizing downtime.

Integrated into Keynote's Enterprise Perspective™ service, Red Alert 2.0 delivers transaction alarms into an existing EMS console, giving operations the ability to easily consolidate and correlate different types of alerts in a single console.

Customers fully control and manage the process, and can start monitoring a transaction in a matter of minutes by using Keynote's self-service, intuitively easy-to-use recorder. The recorded transaction can include such common user actions as login/password entry, form entry, submit, enter, link navigation; as well as support for cookies, pause times, digital certificates and user authentication.

Red Alert 2.0 features Notification Scheduling and Notification Escalation as enhanced options to its automated notification process for transaction monitoring, capabilities that specify how problems should be resolved and enable on-call staff to identify and address the issues quickly and appropriately. With Notification Escalation, the network operations center can escalate the alert through the organization based on how long the alert has been occurring; Notification Scheduling accommodates shift changes, directing alerts to different people based on the time of day.

Red Alert is designed to meet the needs of anyone in IT on call for responding to system performance and availability problems:

Its high level of alerting reliability, based on its automatic fault-tolerant capability, avoids false-positive results. Red Alert's reliable fault-tolerant design triple-checks results across three different backbones before triggering an alarm, so that IT can rest assured that they are alerted only when a real problem has actually occurred.
Its frequency, with monitoring as often as every five minutes and alerts within one minute, provides immediate notification when problems occur.
Red Alert can also monitor changes in Web site content, secure page performance, redirection sequences, CGI queries, POSTs and authentication.
Red Alert monitors devices including Web servers, secure Web servers, Domain name servers, mail servers, FTP servers and Network Gateways.
By monitoring name servers and Network gateways from the ‘outside in', Red Alert notifies IT that a site is inaccessible even when internal systems are working, such as what occurs with denial of service attacks, enabling quick identification and triage before DNS caches begin to expire.
Red Alert's frequent monitoring also helps Web site operators more proactively manage Service Level Agreements with providers.
Customers interested in performance trending, charting and extensive diagnostics can find these capabilities in Keynote's Transaction Perspective™ benchmarking service.

Pricing and Availability
Red Alert 2.0 will be available in July 2002 through Keynote's general business division, 800-548-4517; Pricing for Red Alert 2.0 starts at $99.95 per month, per transaction.

About Keynote
Keynote Systems (Nasdaq "KEYN"), The Internet Performance Authority®, is the worldwide leader in Internet performance management services that improve the quality of e-business. Keynote's services enable corporate enterprises to benchmark, diagnose, test and manage their e-business systems both inside and outside the firewall. More than 2,400 corporate IT departments and 19,000 individual subscribers rely on the company's easy-to-use and cost-effective services to optimize revenues and reduce downtime costs without requiring additional complex and costly software implementations.

Keynote Systems, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California. The company can be reached at or by phone in the U.S. at 650-403-2400.

© 2002 Keynote Systems. The Internet Performance Authority is a registered trademark and Red Alert and Transaction Perspective are registered trademarks of Keynote in the United States and/or other countries.


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