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Performance Management: Red Alert

Enhanced Monitoring Services

Keynote Red Alert - more than a "ping"

Keynote offers several enhanced services to make your Red Alert service even more useful. We offer these Enhanced Services "a la carte" so you only pay for the specific service you want. Enhanced Services are billed on a per-device basis, in addition to the basic monitoring fee for each device.

Keynote Red Alert Enhanced Services include:

Application Perspective

Transaction Monitoring

Five-Minute Monitoring


Follow Redirection

Network Gateway Monitoring

Password-Protected Device Monitoring

Extended Script Length

File Size Checking

Notification Escalation

Notification Scheduling

POST URL Monitoring

CGI/Keyword Checking

Secure Server Monitoring

Enhanced Services in brief:

Application Perspective
This Enhanced Service monitors the performance and availability of your Web site pages or transactions. Some common transactions that you may want to monitor include multi-page e-commerce transactions as well as other interactive online applications. Application Perspective monitors your web site from 16 Geographic locations on 8 different backbones. Read more on Web application monitoring from Keynote.

Transaction Monitoring
This Enhanced Service monitors the availability and response time of your most critical Web site transactions.  Some common transactions that you may want to monitor include multi-page e-commerce transactions as well as other interactive online applications. For example, you can use Keynote Red Alert to monitor a log-in page, enter an account name via a secure web form, check an account status for the page that is returned, and then follow a URL sequence of links through several more pages.

Secure Server Monitoring*
Keynote Red Alert is the first service of its kind to work with secure Web servers (i.e. those which serve URLs starting with https://). With Red Alert Secure Server Monitoring, you can keep track of secure servers—and monitor related password-protected pages, CGIs and back-end databases.

Five-Minute Monitoring
Every device monitored by Keynote Red Alert has a checking interval. The default checking interval is 15 minutes, meaning a device is checked for problems every 15 minutes. You may choose to triple the frequency at which Red Alert checks a particular device by activating Five-minute monitoring. For devices with five-minute monitoring activated, Red Alert checks for problems every five minutes.

If you have activated AutoTrace for a particular monitored device, then when Red Alert detects a potentially network-related problem when attempting to access that device, it conducts a traceroute to that device via each of the Keynote Red Alert Monitoring Networks. The results are stored at the Red Alert site for your examination. When Red Alert later finds that your device is OK again, it conducts another set of traceroutes and stores the results, so you may compare how the routes to your device appeared during the problem and after the problem was resolved.

NOTE: AutoTrace is currently available for secure servers only.

Follow Redirection
A Web server can be configured to return a special type of Web page containing an HTTP response called Redirection and a "destination" URL to which Web browsers are redirected. If a browser receives a Redirection page in response to a request for a certain URL, it then makes a new request for the given destination URL.

For example, if a browser sends a request for to your server, the server may respond with a Redirection page instructing the browser to send a request for instead. The user sees only the contents of the second page. If you activate the Follow Redirection option, Keynote Red Alert will monitor both of the Web pages in a Redirection sequence.

Continuing with the above example, if you register as a URL to be monitored using Follow Redirection, then upon every check of that URL, Red Alert will also check

Network Gateway Monitoring
Network Gateway Monitoring allows you to distinguish between local access problems, and connectivity problems of a larger scope such as an ISP or backbone outage or degradation.

Password-Protected Device Monitoring
This service enables Keynote Red Alert to retrieve the contents of a Web page that is protected by basic realm authentication. Each time Red Alert checks your URL, it supplies your specified username and password to your server in order to access the contents of the page.

Note that you may use this service for any password-protected URL without actually providing a username and password. If you choose not to provide a username and password, Red Alert will be unable to retrieve the Web page itself, so instead it will monitor the "challenge" which your server sends when the URL is requested, and notify you if your server fails to challenge.

Extended Script Length
Keynote Red Alert Transaction Monitoring may require more than five steps to complete.  In these cases, Extended Script Length is required.  You may utilize Extended Script Length to monitor longer multi-step processes.

File Size Checking*
Each time Keynote Red Alert retrieves a file from a Web server (at least four times per hour), it can check whether the file's size has changed since the previous time it was retrieved. Note that any file may be served by a Web server; it need not be a traditional HTML-encoded Web page.

You may choose to be notified when the file size changes. This is useful for monitoring for new additions to an error log, for example. It can also be used to alert you about modification or corruption of a Web page or other file whose contents will not change often.

Or you may choose to be notified when the file size has not changed since the last time Red Alert retrieved it. This is useful for monitoring for the death or slowness of any round-the-clock process which logs frequent messages to a certain file when it is working properly.

Notification Escalation
This service enables you to notify different people depending on how long a particular error condition has been in effect, or suppress notifications altogether until a problem has lasted for a certain period of time. For example, the technician on duty could be notified immediately, while the Chief Technical Officer could be paged only if the problem is still present after 60 minutes. Each pager or email address may have different escalation settings for each of the error conditions Keynote Red Alert detects.

Notification Scheduling
This service enables you to direct notifications to different people depending on who is on duty at the time when Keynote Red Alert detects an error condition. It also allows suppression of notifications during regularly scheduled outages such as nightly server backups.

You may choose a range of times for each pager or e-mail address during which it is to be notified of errors. The range may be different for each pager and e-mail address, and also for each of the error conditions that Red Alert can detect.

POST URL Monitoring
With this service, you can have Keynote Red Alert simulate the human process of filling out a form, submitting it and examining the response.

This is extremely useful for testing whether a login script is working properly, checking whether a particular database search is returning good results, verifying that your e-commerce server is accepting payments, or just making sure your customer's form submissions are getting through.

CGI/Keyword Checking*
When you add or edit a URL to be monitored, you may choose to enter a keyword up to 30 characters long. If this keyword is ever missing from the Web page, Red Alert will report an error. This might happen if an HTML file becomes corrupted, a CGI script produces incorrect output, or a back-end database fails.


*There is no extra charge for this service.

Whether you maintain your Web site in-house or outsource it, your company—and your career—depend on its robust performance. Get your FREE 30-day trial of Keynote Red Alert monitoring service now!


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